Siri versus Google Glass

Try saying the Okay Glass command to Siri, and you will get a variety of responses like:

  • I think that glass is half empty
  • Just so you know, I don’t do anything when you blink at me
  • Stop trying to strap me to your forehead, it won’t work

Would You Buy a Siri Watch?

Most people have dabbled with Siri on their iPhone, testing its functionality and getting her to say funny things. But for some people, Siri is an interactive part of every day – searching, checking the weather, setting reminders. And for those people, here is a possible product from the near future:

It is just a concept design at this stage, but it sure is beautiful, and I figure there is nothing to stop it being built…

Given that Apple have never invented a product-type, but merely improved and relaunched at the right time (PC = Mac, Walkman = iPod, and smartphones and tablet PCs existed long before the iPhone or iPad), it is obvious to most that the products next most likely to get the “i” prefix are the home phone, the wristwatch and the television. Even a radio is possible.

How does a digital watch with built in Siri sound?

Full story at Mashable.

Coming: iPhone5 Reviews

In just a few days time, the iPhone 5 smartphone will be announced by Apple, and soon after it will be available to buy. Suddenly there will be reviews galore, from highly popular tech sites to individual blogs.

There have been many rumors about the physical aspects of the iPhone 5 – for example it is expected to have a taller screen and be slightly thinner – but little is known about the software and iOS 6. We’re keenly awaiting updates to Siri, of course. Meanwhile, here’s a funny (fake) promo video for the new phone, found at iPhone5 reviews:

Siri and the Scottish Chap

Siri might understand someone from Edinburgh, but Glasgow is a different story. Through some local lingo into the mix and poor Siri cannae cope.

The creator has provided a detailed background to the words he uses, including

My dad’s from a shitty area called the Gorbals and over there they introduce every noun before saying a sentence. As in: “See me? See my ma? See fish? My ma hates fish.” I think the vernacular developed because you’re so often talking to a drunk, you have to lead him by the hand to each part of the sentence, no matter how simple that sentence is.